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Together, Lindsey and Anastasia have hosted hundreds of interior designers from every corner of the globe at Design Camp. Design Camp came to fruition based on our personal experiences growing seven-figure businesses in the industry. We felt the lack of a comprehensive, actionable and relatable resource to get started. Everything felt top secret, competitive and subjective.


After working together for more than five years, we made it our mission to create an interior design retreat where designers can form honest, supportive relationships, create an accountable mastermind group, and be given the blue print they need to level up their business.

Every session of Design Camp is different. The keynotes, the sessions, the people. We work diligently year round to keep Design Camp's content of the moment and comprehensive. We're grateful to welcome return campers alongside first time guests at every session. 

Lindsey Borchard

Lindsey Borchard founded her namesake design studio in 2016. Since, she has developed a reputation as a tastemaker and leader in the interior design community. She is admired for her open candor and mentorship among her peers.


Lindsey's spaces inspire with intentionality, livability, and that elusive quality that is California cool. On weekends, you will find Lindsey cruising the Southern California coastline with her husband and two sons. 

Anastasia Casey

Anastasia Casey is the founder and CEO of IDCO Studio and blogger at The Identite Collective. Her mission to bring transparency and equity to the interior design industry recently ignited with the launch of her acclaimed podcast The Interior Collective - a podcast for the business of beautiful living.

Working with some of the industry’s most innovative thinkers has given Anastasia an endless well of inspiration as she honed and expanded her own strengths.

“Design Camp was more than I could've imagined. Anastasia and Lindsey's attention to detail and their teams desire to make this a beautiful and engaging week is unbelievable. They truly want you to learn and grow and then go be successful and raise the standards of our industry. What a gift to have them lead the charge and pave the way for other businesses. The information we are taking away from Design Camp will radically change our business - we will get to impact more clients and our employees in life-changing ways and we are eager to get started. Taking the time away to work ON the business and not just IN the business is so valuable, and I couldn't have spent that time with a better group of designers and entrepreneurs.”

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