When Lindsey started her business, she had no formal experience and there weren't any comprehensive, actionable, or relatable resources for building a successful interior design business. Anastasia has served hundreds of interior designers for years and sees them face the same challenges over and over. Everything felt top secret, competitive and subjective. After working together for over a year, we made it our mission to create an interior design retreat where designers can form honest, supportive relationships, create an accountable mastermind group, and be given the blue print they need to level up their business.

Design Camp has been carefully designed to have tangible, actionable takeaways, time to implement what you've learned, and a casual, camp-like experience in a setting where you can relax and truly connect with other business women. It's time to elevate your business, level up your systems and operations, and cultivate meaningful friendships with women that uplift and support you.

Design Camp is a 4 day work retreat that puts your business and your well-being first.



Lindsey Borchard founded her namesake design studio in 2016. Since, she has developed a reputation as a tastemaker and leader in the interior design community. She is admired for her open candor and mentorship among her peers.


Lindsey's spaces inspire with intentionality, livability, and that elusive quality that is California cool.  

On weekends, you will find Lindsey cruising the Southern California coastline with her husband and two sons. 

Anastasia Casey of The Identite Collective and IDCO Studio


In 2016, Anastasia launched The Identité Collective with a singular goal: to help brands craft an online presence that evoked the same emotive response as the physical spaces they design.


Anastasia quickly found her niche among interior designers, sharing that foundational belief that what makes a space memorable—whether tangible or digital—is not only how it looks, but how it feels. Working with some of the industry’s most innovative thinkers has given Anastasia an endless well of inspiration as she honed and expanded her own strengths. 


When she isn’t leading her team of 19 from the Austin, Texas studio, you will find her pruning her cutting garden, trying a new recipe, or lounging by the lake with her husband, Quinn, and pup, Kennedy.